If you’re needing to host a business meeting or lunch try Club 609! If you’re looking for a restaurant that fits your style and price range, but also feels nice and professional we could be the place you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve tried some local restaurants before, but have had no luck in finding a place that is quiet and compliments your overall business meeting goals. Club 609 is a restaurant right in the heart of downtown Joplin Missouri, and would make a perfect meeting place for individuals looking to close a deal, network market, or are simply just wanting a place to spend some time getting to know a client or coworker.

Quality Food & Outstanding Service

Choosing the right location for your business meeting will help set your mind at ease when it comes to the quality of the food and service provided, and how that might affect your meeting. Club 609 is the leader in casual fine dining. We have earned our reputation by staying focused on quality food and outstanding service. You’ve worked hard to gain an audience for your product or service. We’re ready for your special luncheon! Now, it’s up to you to catch the attention of this business professional in between delicious bites and amazing drinks.

Our Atmosphere

Have you ever tried hosting a business meeting at a restaurant that ends up being super noisy and crowded? You won’t have to worry about that at Club 609. The atmosphere is calm and chill with tables that are well-spaced. You’ll also enjoy some funky art. The brick walls offer rustic colors and is inviting for all. Club 609 has a love for art, and are constantly bringing in new pieces of artwork to showcase on the walls. Their upbeat and vibrant colors give the environment a fun and relaxed feel. Following along with this theme, Club 609’s employees are an upbeat, enthusiastic bunch who always go out of their way to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Contact Us

Ready to host your business meeting at Club 609? Make your reservations today by filling out the contact form on our website. We look forward to serving you!