Are you looking to have lunch or dinner somewhere with friends? Do you have a client in town
who you need to impress? Or are you on the quest to find the best nightlife in Joplin, Missouri?
Then this is the place to go. No matter the occasion, Club 609 has what you’re searching for.
With great food, a variety of drinks, and a fun atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed. This
restaurant serves all purposes and here’s why:

Many people find themselves searching for a quality restaurant to take their friends, clients, or
families to for lunch and dinner. While it’s easy to find a restaurant that either has their craft in
the best of American foods, or one who specializes in a specific cultural cuisine, it’s not very
often that you can find both of these in one restaurant. However, Club 609 is a rarity that does
indeed give the customer the best of both worlds. Not only can one have an outstanding burger
and fries for lunch, but they can also find themselves digging into dishes like chicken Florentine.
Specializing in comfort food with a modern twist, Club 609 will bring you a plate of pure

The other problem many find themselves enslaved to is finding a restaurant that is classy
enough to take friends, clients, or family to, while not having to sacrifice for poor-quality food.
Yet again, club 609 has outdone this standard, giving their customers exemplary food in a
casual restaurant. Whether you need to impress a client, or just looking to have lunch with
friends, Club 609 is a great place for all your eatery needs.

At Club 609, they are constantly updating their menu, adding unique twists to classical dishes,
making people talk about their food. Bringing in new specials daily, there’s always something
new to try.

When it comes to fun after dark, club 609 has you covered. Serving a wide variety of beer, wine,
liquor and specialty drinks makes them a usual night spot for the Joplin community and visitors.
Their specialty drinks offer a fresh new taste on the classics. Their bartenders are highly skilled
and always willing to listen to the customers’ requests, ensuring they get a drink they’ll love.

The atmosphere speaks to that of saloon styled décor with funky art. The brick walls offer rustic
colors and is inviting for all. Club 609 has a love for art and they display this admiration through
the décor. They are constantly bringing in new pieces of artwork to showcase on the walls.
Their upbeat and vibrant colors give the environment a fun and relaxed feel. Following along with this theme, Club 609’s employees are an upbeat, enthusiastic bunch who always go out of
their way to fulfill the customers’ needs.

Are you ready for some good food, awesome drinks, and a fun atmosphere? Look no further. At
Club 609 we treat our customers as family, so what do you say you come down and we have a
little family reunion? Call us at (417) 623-6090, or visit us at