Looking for a healthy cocktail option when you stop into Club 609 for some Happy Hour Drinks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It is completely possible to enjoy happy hour while on a low-calorie diet. You simply just have to know what to order when you get there.

1. Screwdriver: 181 Calories

A classic screwdriver is only 181 calories and may be just the drink you need to wind down from a busy workday. It’s the perfect blend of vodka and orange juice that’s sure to provide a refreshing taste after every sip. Pro Tip: to make it an even lower-calorie drink, you can ask for just a splash of orange juice instead of a half. How great is that? Lower calories and a higher quantity of vodka. We’ll take it!

2. Gin and Diet Tonic: 97 Calories

Looking for a drink that makes you feel classy and sophisticated? We recommend gin and diet tonic. Ask your bartender if they have diet tonic water and if they say no, don’t worry! You can still order this drink with regular tonic water and it will still put you under 200 calories. The beauty of this drink is the careful preparation that goes into creating it. It’s important that your bartender gets the ratio of two parts tonic to one part gin correct in order to make this drink the highly sophisticated cocktail that it has been since the 19th century. Garnish with a lime and you’re all set!

3. The Bloody Mary: 123 Calories

Want a drink that provides you will alcohol and vegetables to make you feel better about your Happy Hour visit? Order a Bloody Mary and you’ll get the best of both worlds. The presentation, the spiciness, and the variety of ingredients make this drink an absolutely must for your next visit. A cocktail with a kick—this drink is a perfect blend of an earthy and sweet taste.

4. Margarita On The Rocks: 153 Calories

The most classic drink of Happy Hour has definitely got to be the Margarita. Tequila, triple sec, and a dash of lime juice are probably the most iconic trio. Try to convince us otherwise, we’ll wait. Be sure to ask for your margarita on the rocks so that you can drink guilt-free knowing that you’re staying under 160 calories, all the while, drinking something worth your time.

Looking For A Place To Enjoy Some Low-Calorie Cocktails In Joplin, MO?

Head on down to Club 609 and enjoy some great food, great service, and most importantly a great Happy Hour experience. Club 609 finds value in being a place where people can hang out over a couple of drinks. With their installment of happy hours six days a week, they pose as a great landing spot for friends and family to gather. The atmosphere is a key factor for Club 609, and in order to give their customers the most, they’ve worked very hard to preserve this restaurant and bar as a fun and inviting place to be. Stop by and see us today.