Summer is one of the best times to keep your afternoon snacks light and tasty. With it being so hot out, it can be nice to enjoy a fruity snack and drink that makes you feel like you are vacationing on the beach while being at home. In fact, Club 609 has the perfect combination to make you feel just that.

Have you tried our Baked Brie? It’s a mixture of apples, pecans, pesto, and fruit banquettes served on a charcuterie board. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory! Trust us when we say, this would be the perfect afternoon snack for your party with your girlfriends or an afternoon date.

We think pairing this delicious snack with a Twisted Blue Hawaiian is the way to go! The colorful drink will have you thinking you are at the beach in no time. It’s made with Absolut, Mandarin, Blue Curacao, Orange Juice, & Pineapple. Our customers say it’s one of their favorite summer drinks on our menu!

Don’t sleep on this perfect summer blend! Enjoy them today at Club 609.

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Head on down to Club 609 and enjoy some great food, great service, and most importantly a great Happy Hour experience. Club 609 finds value in being a place where people can hang out over a couple of drinks. With their installment of happy hour six days a week, they pose as a great landing spot for friends and family to gather. The atmosphere is a key factor for Club 609, and in order to give their customers the most, they’ve worked very hard to preserve this restaurant and bar as a fun and inviting place to be.