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CLUB 609

Club 609 is basically the place to be in downtown Joplin. If you have been there you just know this. Some people have tried to put their finger on why exactly. The amazing atmosphere is a bit of a mix of the awesome staff, the delicious food, the funky art, and the drinks that keep flowing. It is just simply a place you know you want to be and you want to stay. That explains the many nights with standing room only! Locals continue to choose 609 every day of the week and visitors are wowed. We treat our customers as family, so what do you say you come down and we have a little family reunion?


At Club 609 we only use the finest ingredients available to us. Every order is individually inspected for accuracy and quality. During your next visit, be sure to ask about one of our daily specials to see what unique creation our kitchen has created for the day.


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609 S Main St, Joplin, MO 64801