Long gone are the dog days of summer. Winter, while not “officially” here, made its appearance early with the ever-dropping temperatures. Fortunately, with the decline in temperature, we also get to usher in the season of Christmas, We love Christmas for the wonderful traditions and memories with family and friends. We all love Christmas because it’s a time to gather around a table and eat! Local restaurants are one of the best places to find that homey and family-friendly environment that you want to have around the holidays all while not having to cook.

Stay Healthy & Eat Fresh this Holiday

Healthy eating is important to maintaining healthy lives, yet eating healthy is not always as simple as it should be, especially around the holidays. Many supermarkets, restaurants, and fast food chains sell high-calorie, processed, pre-packaged and frozen foods.

Fortunately, there has been a recent explosion of interest in the food we eat — from its origins, to its production methods, to its relationship with our health.

This has led to a growth in healthy and sustainable fresh food production and consumption.

Eating Local

Eating locally provides a ton of health benefits. Local produce is fresher than imported food, so it retains its taste and nutrients better. Superior taste is clearly illustrated when you eat an imported tomato versus a fresh one. Eating local also creates community. When you decide to eat at a local restaurant instead of a chain, you are supporting local families and our local economy. Food, health, and community are all related.

Check Out Our Decorations

We go all out here at Club 609! We love our Christmas decorations and are excited to share them with you. Stop by and check out all of our lights, Santas, reindeer, and more!

From all of us at Club 609, we wish you a happy and healthy Holidays

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