At Club 609 we are constantly bringing in new art to support and display the work of local artists right here in Joplin Missouri. When it comes to local artists and local art collections, it’s important to remember that it’s a two-way street, the exchange between artists and their audience often has major positive impact on the individuals and the community around them. When a local business showcases local art at their location it can help create a positive and connected environment.

It Grows Community Connection

A lot of art is focused around the idea of cultural exchange and understanding, both of which are very important in diverse communities like ours. Locally made art gives us better understanding and ability to empathize with each other.

More than that, local art helps cultivate a sense of cultural identity. Community members often see themselves reflected in local art and feel welcome and a sense of familiarity. This cultivates a sense of respect for yourself and those around you. Having a sense of belonging is a powerful thing.

Helping People Out

When you purchase a painting, or leave cash in a donation box, you’re improving the life of that artist in a meaningful and direct way. There are many ways to support local art that aren’t quite as direct. You can display it in your business or where people will see it. You can also help share their work on social media and get their work more exposure.

Benefits for Yourself

Supporting local artists isn’t just a good thing, it’s fulfilling on a personal level. In that way, participating in the local art scene is a form of self-care. There are numerous therapeutic benefits of getting involved in art, including stress relief  stimulating  the brain, encouraging creative thinking and allowing yourself to connect to the people around you over a common feeling. Plus, when you buy local rather than opting for mass-produced art, you’ll own a piece that is completely unique, unlike any other artwork. Which is such a special thing.

How to Show Your Support

Visiting places that have local art, better yet, buy a piece if it’s something you enjoy. Buying isn’t the only way to support art and artists in local communities. Here are a few ways to support local artists.

  • Visit places with local art and share photos on social media.
  • Order a commission from a local artist (most places displaying art have contact with the artist)
  • Attending in-person or online events hosted by local art galleries, artists and organizations
  • Making donations

Money has buying power, buying from meaningful sources and establishing a personal connection with artists means so much more than buying cheap mass produced prints. purchasing from local artists uses more than just buying power, it ultimately supports our community.

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