Are you looking for a place to host your business lunch meeting in Joplin, Mo? If so, we’d love for you to join us here at Club 609! You’ve worked hard to gain an audience for your product or service. We’re prepared for your special luncheon and can even have your food catered if it is a more convenient option for you. Now, it’s up to you to catch the attention of this business professional in between a bite of crab puff and that buttery Chardonnay.

We know you’ve done your homework, and you’re well versed in your industry, but here is an easy method we offer you to make the most of this chance. We call it the FACE method, and it stands for FACTS, APTITUDE, CONCRETE, and EXCELLENCE. Don’t monopolize the conversation for over a minute at a time, and don’t take up more than five minutes total at this kind of event. To help you stay focused just follow these guidelines:

Facts – Facts must be the basis of any presentation, and you must articulate them clearly, succinctly, and in a way that will maximize the short time you have. Don’t forget to present the facts with a focus on client benefits and communicate the solutions instead of rattling off boring product knowledge.

Aptitude – Convey the sense of your natural ability to understand the client’s issues. Projecting natural competence will build trust and lead to a positive relationship.

Concrete – Concrete data and facts are crucial to communicating the efficacy, design, performance, or benefits of your product or service. Avoid any language that sounds like you swallowed the form of a marketing brochure during the appetizer course.

Excellence – Demonstrate superior knowledge and a passion for your product and for the actual event. Turn your phone off and focus only on the present showing your prospective client that you bring your full attention to their needs and respect their time.

These easy tips will work quickly and reliably to establish trust and rapport during any sales presentation, luncheon, or cocktail hour. Optimize the FACE method to demonstrate your value as a resource and gain a competitive edge. Contact us at (417) 626-6090 or visit our website to view our complete catering menu. Remember, you’re putting in the work, now it’s time to knock it out of the park with the help of a delicious meal from Club 609!