In most cities, you have a handful of locally-owned restaurants as well as some chain restaurants. Chains definitely have their place. They usually provide a consistent experience across the board and can offer familiarity from city to city. However, ultimately we believe that you are better off dining at a restaurant that is locally owned and operated. In this blog, we have gathered the benefits of eating at local restaurants.

Support the Local Economy

Chain restaurants are operated by large companies. Most of the money spent on your meal ends up being sent to the parent company. A good portion of your funds isn’t benefiting the owners and employees at the specific location where you’re dining. At a local restaurant, on the other hand, the money you spend goes into the local owners’ and workers’ pockets. These people then spend much of that money at other businesses in town. This means that eating at a local restaurant is a great way to support your local economy.

Fresh Food

Most chain restaurants cook food that has been frozen or partially prepared. These are delivered to them from their parent companies. Rarely is anything made from scratch to create consistency in the chain locations. While not all local restaurants make everything from scratch, you can generally expect overall fresher and better-prepared food. Key dishes are also almost always made from scratch. This tends to mean you get better quality food from a local restaurant than from a chain.

More Personable Atmosphere

The atmosphere at local restaurants tends to be more personal and friendly. Especially at smaller restaurants, you will more often than not see the owner and the manager working alongside their employees. You can thank them or bring your concerns to them directly. The staff at local restaurants also tend to be more interested in providing a good experience for customers. Especially if you become a regular they may greet you by name or get your order started in the kitchen. Chain restaurants have the main company’s standards that they are expected to adhere to when looking at decor and music, local restaurants have more wiggle room to try new things and make their decisions based on their customers. Often, this results in an atmosphere that is more interesting and engaging for diners.

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